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Vibha Education Services Corp.

Empowerment through Enlightenment

About Vibha

Vibha Education Services Corp. is training and coaching consultancy, for students, parents and teachers and Entrepreneurs.

Vibha Education Services Corp. is an MSME registered trademark training and coaching company based in Bengaluru, India. This dream-child of Ms. Harini Ramarathnam was established in the year 2014 and has, over the years, emerged to be a highly trusted and recommended institution acting as a guide and support system to all those who wish to unravel their inner selves and realize their dreams.

VISION: To grow into a strong empathetic entity providing a channel to individuals of all ages to explore and boost their emotional and intellectual potential and acting as the guiding light to leverage such potential for future success

In alignment with our vision and mission, this blog is created to help students ,to understand the success strategies, adapted by students, who are successful in academics and career path model the same for their success ,enlightening the parents on the parenting style adapted by their parents who standing proud behind these Individuals

Successful Students-Stress Free Parenting

“Growing a child is an art”. With Parenting, there are no real answers. It has always been a great journey.

We as a parent go through the joy of it, as well as the difficulties of it. Though the advent of gadgets has created a great improvement on spatial and motor skills with our younger generation, on the other hand, the excess use of it has created behavioral issues to a great extent especially with the current generation of teens.
Hence it becomes a challenging task for today’s parents as to where to draw a line and how to create a balance between their studies and entertainments. To create an awareness and trying to be a helping hand, we The Vibha are into the path of sharing the success stories /strategies that are followed and adopted by 10th and 12th school toppers and students who scored high marks.

The interviews that we are going to share are about the students, who managed the stress well, striking a balance in all walks of life, the mindset they had and how the parents helped them to achieve their dreams.

Furthermore, we will be also sharing the parent’s experience of these kids and their suggestions in their together journey of their children success path.

Keep watching this space for the journey and the success path shared by children with us.

About Us

Vibha Education Services Corp. is training and coaching consultancy, for students, parents and teachers.

+ 91 97404 01323
Bengaluru 560 037 Karnataka

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