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About Us

About Vibha

Vibha Education Services Corp. is training consultancy, for students, parents and teachers.

Our workshops are designed to bridge the gap between what is taught in various schools and what is required to be successful as a person in any endeavor whether it is a business or profession. Our workshops are designed in an interactive manner with lot of activities, role-plays and games. We provide simple, practical and precise scientific researched tools through our workshops sessions to achieve success in all fields. We also provide Individual customized training.

Vibha offers teacher training programs to empower teachers as it’s important for the teachers to be in sync with the minds of children, to understand them better and thus communicate effectively.

As the parents are the key influencers, and to improve the effectiveness of the students. We also conduct training programs for the parents on Positive Parenting.

Empowerment through enlightenment
About Harini Ramarathinam

Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you can be or what you can do.This motto in her life has helped her achieve “The Lioness-Best Trainer Award 2018 at Trident Hyderabad” at women leadership conference: Role in “Indian socio-economic development “recently”. She is also the recipient of the Top 150 SME Women Entrepreneur,2019 Award. This Award is dedicated to the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji whose teachings are Universal in nature and touch the needs of humanity as such. Talking about womenfolk, he has been very vocal that they should be treated EQUALLY in ALL walks of life. This award is instituted by Great Companies along with Sewak Jatha Dadar and Punjab & Maharashtra Co-Operative Bank Ltd .

A life filled with challenges, values and dreams – this is how Harini Ramarathnam would describe her life story. A simple person at heart, she found that the path towards fulfilling her dreams was through pursuing her passions. She realised that working with children, empowering them with values, boosting their confidence and building stronger and brighter personalities gave her immense satisfaction. Her work in the field of training includes improving communication between parents and children through innovation methods and helping them understand each other better. Vibha Education Services Corp helps her achieve this by nurturing young hearts with a lot of care and love.

She is a multifaceted personality with many feathers to her hat. Her expertise in improving memory and concentration in kids helped her win many accolades. Harini is also adept in conducting workshops for children to help them overcome stress, fear and anxiety. She understands the pressure taken by kids during exams and has devised expert modules that steer them in the right path and help them perform better. Her workshops also focus on challenges faced by kids today which could be bullying, peer pressure, and other related stresses.

Harini’s work in the field of instilling the right values of positive parenting has helped many families to gel and bond better. She also teaches kids to set realistic and achievable goals by improving their self-esteem and self-worth. She is adept in designing workshop modules that help kids focus better and achieve greater heights.Harini believes that life is the best teacher and gives us lot of experiences. We need to just have open minds to learn and improve to perform better every day. Her experience lets her mould a child’s mind into pursuing the right avenues, by shedding all the insecurities and facing life challenges head-on.

Believing in yourself is the first secret to success, a life lesson, she advocates and promotes the individuality of every child. Her dedication towards being utmost receptive to each child’s needs and their strengths helps her bring out the best in each of them. As a parent herself, she believes that each child is unique and has great potential, which just needs to be inspired and motivated. Her life is committed towards developing greater personalities that are going to rule the world tomorrow. .

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