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Success story #4

Name : Radheshayam
Grade -10th  MARK SCORED: 93%
Appreciation from Bangalore Sahodaya school for scoring 100%in Social Science

Radheshyam is calm, composed and a grounded person. He is easy going and cool mindset, where he consciously have a self positive talk and motivates himself to reach his goal. He is the best friend to himself at all times. He never fails to listen to his inner voice and also hears to parents advice, takes action after that.
He is self-disciplined and well behaved, trains his mind to see the long term benefit behind the efforts, everyday activities that he puts. He is also an Carnatic singer and love to watch movies.
He has won cash award and recognition from Bangalore Sahodaya School for scoring 100% in Social Science.
Also he got award from His school”The Deens Academy”for scoring high marks in science.

Radheshayam Answer’s

1.Have you set any goals during your 10th or 12th?
No I had not set any goals. I entered Grade 11 without any goal in mind.
2.What’s your insight on Hard work Vs Smart work?
I believe both hard work and smart work go hand in hand. We need to work hard but certain smart tricks will certainly take us the right way.

3.How did you Manage exam stress? How did you handle your fears?
Regular preparation helps to minimize exam stress as you will not have to grind on the last day. During the last few days before the exams too, I had my breaks and leisure time to keep myself calm and composed. However if I felt really scared or nervous, I would just quickly reinforce the important topics and then close my books and chill, because I know that any further study will be of no effect. I could afford to do this only because of regular studies before hence I can trust that to fairly answer the topics(which I didn’t revise the day before).

4. How many hours did you sleep during exam time?
Normal sleeping time.I didn’t stay up late to study usually.

5. Were you allowed/permitted to use gadgets? If yes span of time?
My parents didn’t restrict usage of gadgets at all. Self-discipline should be exercised.

6. How conscious were you towards accessing it?
I took care not to over use it. Often friends come online and keep asking doubts or discussing. It’s better to switch off internet and keep the phone away while studying and go according to your schedule.

7.What was your self-talk/mindset when you faced challenges?
When I got stuck at some point of time, I tried to redo that topic slowly again till I understand it properly rather than mug it up. It sometimes took a lot of time. If I didn’t understand still, I asked my teacher to explain again.

8. What’s one thing that motivated you to bounce back?
I just told myself that I can do it and kept trying till I could understand and get back on track.

9. Were you independent in studying, framing your time schedule or your parents guided you in the process?
My parents didn’t interfere in my studies. I did it on my own. I however never followed a proper timetable. I couldn’t keep up with it so I just studied what I felt like. However this is not a good practice but I am trying to follow an organized routine slowly.

10.How many hours in a day you spent towards preparation for board exams?
During the last two months before the boards I spent most of my time studying, while I took breaks to relax, play a little, watch a movie, eat, etc.

11.Did you practice mock test and previous years papers?
Yes I went through previous year papers which helped me get a hang of the format and style of writing in the 10th board exam.

12.Are you an early riser?
Generally I wake up by 7:30 – 8 am.

3.How did you manage your overwhelming feeling sometimes?
I convinced myself that it was just a matter of 2 months. Also I involved in activities like singing, playing and watching movies for a change so I didn’t feel very overwhelmed.

14.Do you have a physical exercise routine?  If yes What is it?
No I don’t have a physical exercise routine though I have tried multiple times to start one.

15.What mantra or approach that you believe and follow in achieving your success path?
I believe there is no point in mugging up something. Proper understanding of the concepts will lead to retention. Regular revision is essential, however not too long. I think two hours is decent. It’s good to go out and play every day.

Her Mother Meera shares her thoughts:

As a parent neither I put pressure on my son nor he took stress while preparing for the SSLC exam. He was studious and systematic in his preparations. I had full faith and confidence in his abilities as he had the capacity to handle things on his own.
He had fractured his wrist a month before the final exam and that time my only prayer was that he should get well soon to write the exam properly. He spent enough time with his friends for sports and other entertainments. He continued practicing Carnatic Vocal on a regular basis. As a mother I urged him to maintain a work balance without compromising extra curricular activities. We ensured him a peaceful and supportive atmosphere at home. We were so humbled and felt blessed on his achievement.

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