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Success story # 6

Name : Ganesh
Completed Grade : 12 Sishya School, Hosur
with 88%

Ganesh is a joyful person, who values people feelings and have great respect towards elders. He is clear and confident and dares to take big decisions if his mind says so. He makes sure that he don’t stress himself too much and takes one thing at a time. Ganesh gets profound happiness by getting along with his friends and talking to elders at home.He shows great respect towards teachers and never refuses to ask help from his teachers to get his doubts cleared.
Both his parents are calm, composed and grounded and they always follow value-based parenting.

Ganesh Answers

1.Have you set any goals during your 10th or 12th? If yes, do you write down your goals? Were your goals yours or your parents?
Yes, I had  interest  on exploring physics at my 10th grade .This eventually turned to my goal (pursuing astrophysics) at my 12th grade.No, I don’t write down my goals.As my goals were setup based  on my area of interest it solely belongs to me
2.What’s your insight on Hard work Vs Smart work?
A work being/seeming hard or easy depends on one’s perception.Any work that you perform or made to perform against your interest makes the work taste bitter and hard. Thus you feel work being hard and end up being stressed.When you love and enjoy the work you do, you feel the work being easier and according to me is smart work.
3.How did you Manage exam stress? How did you handle your fears?
Exams just define one’s level of understanding. So I don’t emotionally (stress, fear) connect myself with examinations and marks. In fact being emotionally attached to exams makes one fail to  give his/her best performance . so I ensure that I neither feel stressed nor scared.
4. How many hours did you sleep during exam time?
Every day I used  to sleep for 7 hrs. There are no compromises in my sleeping hours even during exam times.
5. Were you allowed/permitted to use gadgets? If yes span of time?
Yes. I was permitted to use gadgets. There was no specific span of time but I ensured that, I complete all my works in spite of using them.Every day I used to have glimpse over  social networks (WhatsApp, you tube).  Mostly I spend time watching  videos in you tube ( if the title sounds interesting).
6.What was your self-talk/mindset when you faced challenges?
The biggest challenge for me was maintaining consistency in my  performance. Every time I fall, I analyse my performance ,sort out my mistakes, hold on my confidence and gear up myself  to rise again.  
7. What’s one thing that motivated you to bounce back?
The one thing that motivated me was my goal(astrophysics) . My strong determination towards my goal never let me out of my career path.
8. Were you independent in studying, framing your time schedule or your parents guided you in the process?
Yes, I was all by myself. My parents didn’t guide me, instead they gave their suggestions in framing in schedule.
9.How many hours in a day did you spent towards preparation for board exams?
Every day I spend around 2hrs  for my preparation. This was scheduled as one hour in morning and one hour in evening.
10.Did you practice mock test and previous years papers?
Yes, I was made to practise mock tests by my school.
11.Are you an early riser?
Yes, I am .I used to wake up around 5:00 (weekdays).
2.How did you manage your overwhelming feeling sometimes?
Every time I achieve something I realise that I am still far from my goal.
If overwhelmingness takes over me I would be lost in this maze and never achieve my goal.

13.Do you have a physical exercise routine?  If yes What is it?
Every morning I spend around half an hour for yoga. I also spend couple of hours playing basketball at weekends.
14.What mantra or approach that you believe and follow in achieving your success path?

At any circumstances use only your intellect and not your emotions.

Ganesh is topper in Physics in Grade XII

Ganesh Father TVK.Shankaran says

Parents can play a vital role in helping their wards to succeed in school by lending little support and guidance. Although, teenage student seek independence, parental involvement is an important ingredient for academic success.
After completing his X Standard, he wanted to shift to a different school for Higher Secondary.  He had two option, as a parent we have guided them to choose the current school and explaining the pros and cons and finally he accepted.
Initially, he had opted computer science as an optional subject, but after four to five months, he had interest in Biology and wanted to choose it instead of Computer science. Since four months was over, we have checked with the class teacher and Bio teacher, they have informed he can cope up easily, then we have asked them to switchover.
In order to gain a better understanding of the performance of son, we have almost attended all parent teachers meeting and followed up with subject teacher in order to identify the areas where he faced challenges and how to overcome this and also understood his plus points.
Basically, he was not habituated  studying  long hours and he gets stressed if he continuously studying for four/five hours. We are aware that if one studies for two or three hours daily with full concentration it would be enough to score very good marks. Normally, his studying hours at home is very less, but in school he had attentively attended the class with full concentration and he managed to score good marks. This was often revealed by the class teachers in PTA meeting. Therefore, we asked him only to practice more with mock test etc. at home.
As a parent, we maintain a relationship open, honest and respectful with him.  Often we discuss with him the progress and if he requires any support from us.
We encourage him to have enough sleep, eating nutritious food and exercising regularly to have good physical and mental health. He practices yoga daily.  Whenever he continuously studies, we advise him to go for cycling for half an hour in which he is also very interested. We always motivate him and even if he slips or secured low marks in any of the test, we want him to analyse the reason and advise him to take care in the next tests / exam and we never demotivated him or compare with others.
When we trust them and they feel free to talk openly with us, so that the challenges of high school can be made  easier .

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