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Building compassionate and empathetic students

Sharing an experience that I had in my classroom last week in a school at Varthur.

I had Morning sessions with Higher grade students
and started to enlighten on SMART Goals.
As the session went, slight disturbance among boys. I noticed Nikhil (name changed) smacked Ravi (name changed) hard.
I asked what happened, Ravi said, “Nikhil hit me hard”. I asked both of them to come out and ask them to stand nearby me facing each other.
The other boys in the class started to anticipate what I am going to do.
Some of them even started to voice out
“Now go out of class”
“Hit him hardback”
“Slap him”
“Both do super brain yoga now “😅
Then I said to Ravi,”Now Hug him tightly with the same force that you felt when he hit you.”
Ravi was like”EEEEEWWWWWWW”. I joined the class and started to motivate Ravi to do so.
Ravi after hesitation did hug Nikhil. Then I turned to Nikhil and asked how do you feel?
Nikhil said “I want to apologize,” I said go ahead and ask.
He apologized to Ravi. After that, I asked Ravi “how do you feel”?
He said “I too want to apologize”
I asked,”why?”
He said,”I mocked him and abused Nikhil verbally” (which I didn’t know).
Now I explained to Nikhil that, Ravi may be having a bad day, scolded by parents or something bothering him that he showed his frustration and anger by mocking you.
I could see Nikhil empathized and understand Ravi.
Then they both went sat next to each other quietly and there was silence in both of them and I continued with my class 🙂

-Harini Ramarathnam, 
Founder Vibha Education Services Corp.

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