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Success story #8

Grade 10: 96.6 %

School : Stanes Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School,Coimbatore

About Jaswin Kumar:

Jaswin Kumar is a simple, sportive and introvert personality. Jaswin is confident and an enterprising individual. He is an ardent reader and conducts self-inquiry for expanding his knowledge. He is a keen learner towards science and technology. He always likes to explore things in application learning. Moreover, he is very much interested in astrophysics.His hobbies are Learning programming languages and website development.His achievements include brown belt in karate, an ace quiz winner and an engaging facilitator.

Awarded for Facilitating 5th National Entrepreneurs Day Awards -2018

Jaswin Answers

1.Have you set any goals during your 10th or 12th?

Yes, I set a goal to learn subjects with interest and not just memorize. I set a goal to gain knowledge instead of gaining marks.

a) If yes, do you write down your goals? No

b) Were your goals your’s or your parents? They were my goals

2.What’s your insight on Hard work Vs Smart work?

Both are needed. However, if you have passion for learning, you needn’t categorize your work into “hard” or “smart”. It just becomes something that you do because you love doing it.

3.How did you Manage exam stress? How did you handle your fears?

During the first few exams, I was a bit stressed, but as I wrote several repetitive revision exams,it went away. I was never afraid of exams though.

4.How many hours did you sleep during exam time?

I never changed my schedule of sleeping. I slept at 10:00 PM at night as usual, and woke up at 5:30 AM in the morning, as usual.

5.Were you allowed/permitted to use gadgets? If yes span of time?

Yes, I used my phone even during the final revisions.

6.How conscious were you towards accessing it?

I used my phone only for limited time spans. I was never obsessed. I used it only during my leisure time to relax.

7.What was your self-talk/mindset when you faced challenges?

I told myself that nothing will be difficult if I learnt my subjects with an interest of gaining knowledge.

8.What’s one thing, that motivated you to bounce back?

I never felt down, so there was no need for me to “bounce back”

9.Were you independent in studying, framing your time schedule or your parents guided you in the process?      

 My parents guided me and advised on the methods of learning and also helped me frame a schedule

10.How many hours in a day did you spend by you towards preparation  for board exams?

 I studied as I always do: Early morning, after tiffin and after lunch and wound up by dinner. I never stayed up late in the night to study.

11.Did you practice mock test and previous years papers?

 No, because we wrote 8 revisions in school and I felt that that itself was sufficient

12. Are you an early riser? Yes

13.How did you manage your overwhelming?

   I never got overwhelmed, because I was well prepared with the syllabus before-hand.

14.Do you have a physical exercise routine?  If yes What is it?

   Yes, every morning I wake up early and I do Yoga and other exercises

15.What mantra or approach that you believe and follow in achieving your success path?

It’s never about the marks. If you have passion for learning, you’ll gain knowledge. Marks are just a side-effect of gaining knowledge.

Any rewards or recognition in the way?

I represented my school thrice in the district level T.I.M.E Aqua Regia quiz competitions (2016, 2018 & 2019).

My Robotics Team was selected for nationals of FLL Robotics Competition in 2016, after we secured the first place in district levels.

I practiced Karate for 5 years and achieved Brown Belt (senior).


Event Facilitator, National Award Ceremony created and powered by National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), since 2018.

Event Anchor, Compering National Award Events of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), since 2018.

Youth Facilitator & Deputy Technical Head, Online Webinars and International Web Conferences, National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), since May 2020.

His Parents says:

We have adopted the Time-Management, Self-Management and Quality Management approaches for empowering our son to excel in his academic / school learning activities and engaging him in household chores (including cooking and cleaning etc.). Also, providing the platform for social learning by inducting and nurturing his extra-academic talents in our organizational activities.

In addition to this, encouraging and embracing him to social-media and online learning activities. Furthermore, frequently discussing his future vision, ambition, prospects, growth and productivity and making him to understand the uncertainties and fostering him towards super competence to meet the challenges on his way forward. Above all, we have just guided him to configure his own destiny with friendliness and as caring facilitators.

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