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Success story#3

Name: Nikhil Sundarrajan
Completed Grade 12 at NPS Marks obtained :93.6%
Currently pursuing: MBBS @ MS Ramaiah Medical College

Nikhil , currently studying MBBS Year1 in MS Ramaiah Medical college, Bangalore is a student with immense humility, self confidence and self discipline. He has been a top performer in both academics and sports! He has maintained a very healthy balance towards his academics and his sports interest. A basket ball player, who participates in every event / tournament in his college sports inspite of a very tough MBBS course is by itself a remark to be highlighted. His self discipline is indeed a highlight as he maintains a very nourished timetable towards his education, diet, sports and family. His maturity and understanding towards handling conflicts is being rewarded and appreciated highly by his friends and parents too! His way to reach others to help is immensely appreciated all over by his peers and friends.
And beyond he doesn’t like to be known for his deliverance , shows his humility !

Nikhils Answers

1. Have you set any goals during your 10th or 12th? If yes, do you write down your goals?Were your goals yours’s or your parents?

Yes, I decided I’ll be doing medicine by 12th

2.What’s your insight on Hard work Vs Smart work?  

Smart work. I feel efficient study time with focus leads to great results.

3.How did you Manage exam stress? How did you handle your fears?

Exam stress is normal. Just face it. Have confidence instead of fear

4. How many hours did you sleep during exam time?

Minimum 6 hours during 12th

5..Were you allowed/permitted to use gadgets? If yes span of time?  

Yes I could use gadgets.I am not much into social media.

6..How conscious were you towards accessing it?

Didn’t access too much only during breaks.

7. What was your self-talk/mindset when you faced challenges and what’s one thing that motivated you to bounce back? 

Nothing particular, just that i can relax once it is done. An average score in one exam motivated me to do better in the subsequent exams.

8.Were you independent in studying, framing your time schedule or your parents guided you  in the process? 

I am Independent in studying .I had a timetable which I planned for myself.

9. How many hours in a day did you spend towards preparation for  board exams?  Did you practice mock test and previous years papers?

7-9 hours a day,Yes, I practiced previous year papers

10.Are you an early riser? Do you have a physical exercise routine?  If yes What is it?  

No I am late nighter, Running or basket ball

11. How did you manage your overwhelming feeling sometimes?

By just focussing on what I am doing then and there

12.  What mantra or approach that you believe and follow in achieving your success path?

Discipline, Sticking daily goals and managing time with well formed time table are the approach which helped me .

13.How do you overcome distractions?

Limited time spent on phone social media heavily. Made sure I set realistic expectations for myself. Shooting for 650 advise in Neet os cool but is you are on the 450 range currently have to set small improvement targets and not get pressurised. Take ample rest and light food as per your body needs. I used to sleep for at least 6hrs. Take short breaks to do things You love. I used to play basket ball for about 1 hour per day except during exams. Know your own study style. Some topics are best done in mornings or when your are fresh. I used to spend lot of time doing detailed planning my schedule each day everyday and stick to it. Lastly having family support and friends to talk to our consult is very valuable. My parents never micromanage my day.


Allowing freedom does wonders , amidst teens . The sense of self responsibility is the best of teachings parents can help teens. The pressure of boards and competitive exams are already existing plus school do put enough tests on students in addition the coaching institute are handholding already.. these three platforms already are too much pressure on the kid , if parents can help in good care by support and encouragement it helps the emotional side for the kids. We just tried our best in doing it. Mature kids don’t need pressure ever is our experience with our kid.
We in fact encouraged him for sports as alternative stress relief and a good vacation during the given holiday too to rejuvenate!

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