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Success story # 1

Name : Sravan Sriram 

Currently in Grade 12 at USA MARKS SCORED in GRADE 10:95.8%

Sravan who is in grade 12, shares with us his practices, strategies that he followed the mindset he had and success mantra.
He says “I am clear in what I want and what I am best at”. Allowing the child to think, and giving them the freedom of thought, making them self-responsible, allow them to do mistakes and saying “It’s ok” when they miss sometimes, guiding them when they need help is a beautiful part of parenting. We grow with our children.
Ms. Padma has given this space to her child who is pursuing his dreams with the support of his parents.

Sravan’s Answers

1. Have you set any goals during your 10th or 12th? If yes, do you write down your goals? Were your goals yours’s or your parents?

My goal was to score well in Board exams. No, I didn’t. They were my goals, not my parent’s.

2.What’s your insight on Hard work Vs Smart work?  

I feel that working smart is more important than working hard.

3.How did you Manage exam stress? How did you handle your fears? And How many hours did you sleep during exam time?

I did not stress myself too much and took it easy, handled it as I would like any other class tests. I sleep 8 hours on an average

4.Were you allowed/permitted to use gadgets? If yes span of time?  

Yes, I did have access with gadgets and I used to chat with my friends who had common interest as me, discuss with them, exchange question and answer papers after my study time every day.

 5.How conscious were you towards accessing it?

Self-control plays an important role in managing screen time. After completing every chapter I will access the gadget.  

6. What was your self-talk/mindset when you faced challenges and what’s one thing that motivated you to bounce back? 

To prove myself, in a healthy friendly  competitive environment

7.Were you independent in studying, framing your time schedule or your parents guided you  in the process? 

My parents supported me and encouraged me throughout and I was independent in planning and working on my study time as per my schedule.

8. How many hours in a day did you spend towards preparation for  board exams?  Did you practice mock test and previous years papers?

4 hours a day. Yes, I practiced previous year papers

9.Are you an early riser? Do you have a physical exercise routine?  If yes What is it?  

I am not an early riser.Yes, 45 min of gym everyday

10. How did you manage your overwhelming feeling sometimes?

Stress leads to overwhelming, So I made sure that I don’t get stressed out in  the first place and that gave me clarity of  thoughts to achieve my goal.

11.  What mantra or approach that you believe and follow in achieving your success path?  

We always have another chance to look forward to.

12.How did you overcome focus ,concentration and memory issues?

Meditation for half an hour everyday over a period of time has helped me very well in overcoming my focus and concentration issues. for memory, I try to write down the important points on a piece of paper , and going through it time again and again has helped me in retaining important things/ points in my memory.

13.How did you handle your distractions i.e common issues?

By setting goals/ objectives for a particular day helped me in handling distractions as I wanted to achieve the goal set for the day without getting distracted much.

Sravan’s Mother Padma Ramanujan says

Navigating the teenage years with kids can be overwhelming for any parent, as teenagers nowadays face countless pressures – on top of academics, sports and extracurricular activities they  are growing up  to keep  pace with technology, social media  which  overall leads to increased level of stress and anxiety in the kids as well their parents. Handling these pressures was too overwhelming initially, but slowly as I started working on it I was able to gain clarity and I  understood maintaining a warm friendly relationship with a teenager’s of at most importance than anything else.


As a parent of a teenager , my first and top most priority was instilling good morale human values in my kid rather than pushing him to be topper in academics or in his extracurricular activities. Over the years we built a strong open communication between us, which helped us to work on providing a safe space for my kid, discuss the do’s and don’ts of life, encouraging  him in whatever he is good at, reinforcing ” that there is always a second chance to look forward to”,giving him the confidence and support whenever needed were some of the day- day practices that I rigorously followed. Eventually, it made him turn into a self-responsible, confident young man who aspires to achieve his goals that he has set for himself “.

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